Case study: The 18.000.000+ Views Viral Video | What We Learned

Case study: The 18.000.000 views Viral Video | What We Learned

We have all had an idea that we would like to become a company. A few of us created a company and have transformed that thought into action. Few of us were competent to produce that idea into a real company that is money-making. For those who are in possession of an excellent product or service do folks find out about it? How can you present your idea/product/service/business to decision makers and possible buyers?

A few years back, a miniature start-up company, located in Santa Monica, California, burst onto the scene with an amazing video and an easy thought. Practical, but not especially exciting or ground-breaking.

After under a year in existence, in March of 2012, Mike from  DollarShaveClub made a quick video. About 12000 subscribers, high quality audience had arrived within two days. Their web site had so much traffic, actually, that it crashed within the very first hour of the launch of the video. Quite astonishing. That is next to nothing in the area of marketing. What made their video incredibly amazing?

To begin with, CEO Dubin realized that, with a restricted marketing budget, he needed to make a huge feeling from the gate. With a foundation in digital marketing and brand development, and learning improv humor with the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC, First understood that a well-performed comedic strategy could go a ways toward developing a devoted crowd.

In an interview with Entrepreneur Mike said, “Folks often remember things when they are musically presented, and humor is a kind of music… When you are starting a brand new business and sharing a fresh thought, if you’re able to get individuals to recall it, there is clearly a better opportunity at success.”

Dubin set out to create something that will make folks laugh their hairy faces away. Dubin dropped away any opinion of conventionality, choosing instead to concentrate on snug, well-crafted the simple message that Dollar Shave Club will decrease the expense and hassle of purchasing razors the old fashioned manner as well as jokes. Elevating the overall well-being of all people and throwing in some tongue in cheek references to restoring the market, everywhere, did not damage.

Dubin managed to keep prices down by enlisting the aid of some friends in the film business. Hey, it is worth it to get friends that are gifted. Remarkable results coming from a video strategy that is clever. For keeping everyone out there, thanks, Dollar Shave Club psyched on the ability of video.


Gone are the times where you need tens of thousands of dollars to create an advertisement and to have it is seen by millions of folks. YouTube has made distribution free so anyone on earth can see your video anytime they desire. The way we advertise has altered, you were not compelled to see this video, you needed to see this video and that is why it is so successful.

Prepared to make your own magic? Want to help you with your video? Drop as a line or two 🙂


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