Russia warns of US misinformation over Syria airstrike

“Today aircraft of Russia’s Aerospace Forces delivered pinpoint airstrikes on eight facilities of the ISIL terrorist group on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. Overall, some 20 sorties were made,” said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov. Source: PressTV-Don’t listen to Pentagon: Russia

P1 Video Magnet Special Review & Bonus

Can Europe Really Make it? Let Greece Breath, Rise up Europe

Greece along with the eurogroup: capitulation or the dam of violating austerity? George Papandreou was a capitulation. Tsipras and Varoufakis achieving four months and flexibility and new space to attain a genuinely new strategy was quite an achievement. Did the new Greek authorities really destroy the trust of their eurozone counterparts, only to rules that…

Case study: The 18.000.000+ Views Viral Video | What We Learned

Case study: The 18.000.000 views Viral Video | What We Learned We have all had an idea that we would like to become a company. A few of us created a company and have transformed that thought into action. Few of us were competent to produce that idea into a real company that is money-making. For those…


Online video ads are where it’s at, according to ad executives

Video marketing for business purposes is critical in today’s increasingly content-centered, video-driven digital landscape—and if you doubt it, simply consider a few of the following facts. A product is 144 percent more likely to sell if it has an accompanying product video; consumers who watch a video are 85 percent times more likely to make…


7 Tips for Online Video Marketing And How To Leverage Them

According to comScore, 84.5% of the U.S. Internet audience views online videos. Videos continue to have a more significant role in the online viewing experience, and even Facebook wants to focus on video ads for their clients. So, what is video marketing? Essentially, it is incorporating video into your marketing campaign to help sell your product,…


6 Facts About Video Marketing That Will Keep You Up At Night

Of all the things I have to worry about on a daily basis, video marketing has really grabbed my attention, and I hope it’s starting to grab yours. Video marketing is climbing in popularity because companies are realising how useful it can be to communicate with customers in new, more personal ways. If you haven’t…


How to Establish Your eCommerce Business Using Video Marketing

  Whether your e-tail operation is well established or just getting off the ground, it’s a well-nigh act of self-sabotage to opt out of the rich sights and sounds of video hosts such as Vimeo, Vine, YouTube, and Instagram. Although the parameters of these providers vary, they all offer the possibility of snappy, commanding messages that are…